Im BaCk

Assalamualaikum.. IM BACK!! yeaaayy! almost one year didnt post anything here.. Thanks my sygs Cik Gewdiq gv me idea to starting writing again.. Luv u cik GEWDIQ!! :))

what kind of story im gonna share is WHO AM I ryte now? 1st, Im not a student anymore! finish my study few month ago, now im working at Legal Firm Company as a TEA LADY~ haha! :))

2nd: Im a SINGLE LADY, no More <3 anymore :))

3rd: Im a sweet girl! *prasaan* haha!

4th: Back being a hiker & Climber! <3 JUNGLE! :)) ( Still LOVING him )

5th: Alhamdulillah, my life was more HAPPY than BEFORE :))

6th: Have own business even kecil2 an.. Its starting point to me :))

* bnyk lagi perubahan just tataw ape.. HAHA! :D That's All From me! :))

P/s: thanks 4 reading!